what to expect

What to expect

At Premiere Title Services in Cape Coral, it is our mission to provide unparalleled customer experiences. All of our services are provided at a competitive market rate that puts our customers first.

We can help you with the following:

  • Title Commitments: we present our clients with what we clear, what we cover, and what we don’t cover BEFORE closing for a
    surprise-free experience.
  • Title Policies (and exceptions): including owner and lender/loan policies
    Whether you’re the property owner who needs post-closing coverage or the lender who wants to insure
    the mortgage, we cover your title policy needs.
  • Title Searches: Our extensive searches of public records for recorded liens, judgments and mortgages on the property
    (and its current owner) have earned us a reputation for thoroughness.
  • Title Examinations: Our team of experienced professionals is skilled at making Insurability Determinations and performing risk analysis for Investors.
  • Settlement Services including: closing, escrow, disbursement, signing, notarization, reconciliation, and recording services)
  • Document Services: (such as recording, retrieving documents, and archiving)